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This is My 2nd site on WordPress –

I am a little obsessed with writing and creating .

my Info is on my main Site : CatForsley.me

This is Going to be a different kind of site than my regular

singer songwriter love stories poems – ALL THAT…

This site is going to be a little more fun …A little more Zingy – a little more PASSIONY 

I have always loved the words Fervour and Forever

and I thought

Hey why Not put them together and Create a site about Pure Fervour and Passion .

Things about Life that Really get To me – In a Good way 

Things about people that Really Fascinate me 




Enjoy !

Cat Forsley 
















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16 thoughts on “About

  1. Yes I will be calling in here for regular updates and of
    course to make sure that you are being good, opposed
    to being naughty I mean ;) lol Just kidding :) :)

    Androgoth XXx

          1. Here it is sunny
            but cold too :( lol

            Time for the pool
            and another very
            chilled out day for
            you me thinks? :)

            Andro XXx

            1. all good things come when the mind is chilled :) lol ….
              that’s when the heart can create and yeah – so chilled always ! and labour day weekend is always fun …xo

                    1. Andro —— Funny bunny –
                      “Funny Bunny has spoken ”
                      seriously i imagine a Judge with Floppy ears —— lol
                      Could make for a fun illustration
                      wish i could draw like You !
                      I am mostly using computer apps to draw these days ……….. it’s lunchtime here now :) and yes today i think i will write NOTHING – take a little break …………….. :) maybe tomorrow ………….

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